Craftsman Socket Reborn

I have to tell you I am just blown away by your Metal Rescue!!! I put a socket in it yesterday that was so badly rusted I could not read the size, who made it, or anything else on it. It was just totally COVERED in rust, so badly that I was going to just throw it and the rest of them away (but they were my dad’s and I just couldn’t part with them). I just thought of it a few minutes ago, and went to check on it. You could have knocked me over with a feather! The rust is GONE!! It is really GONE!! I can hardly believe it!

The metal is pitted which was to be expected, but no rust!! I can now read that it is a Craftsman socket, the size, and everything! And it’s even shiny again! I know you told me it would work but WOW, I never thought it could possibly work that good! If you could have seen this socket, it made the rusty nail that came in the box with the sample look shiny and new compared to that socket!! These tools had been left out in a metal toolbox outside (apparently for years thanks to my son!) and I can save them now!! That means so much to me because they were my dad’s. Thank you so very, VERY much!

I just attached 2 pictures so you can see what I mean. The first one is another rusty socket that is now even as bad as the one I did yesterday, and the second picture is the one I soaked for a day. I can’t believe how great it worked!!

Thank you so very, VERY much! ~ Judy